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Default Re: Titan / Steeler player swap

Originally Posted by wutchy View Post
I think that if the Steelers win the big one on Sunday, I'd like to see them do a team rebuild without losing a step, because a repeat or three peat is possible.
To accomplish a rebuild and not take a step back, they should trade aging stars with value, for younger guys wh are just as good, or can be just as good in the Steeler system.

I'd like to see the Steelers trade Ben, Troy, and Mendy to the Titans for
Vince Young for Ben.
Chris Johnson for Rashard Mendenhall
Jason McCourty for Troy Polamalu

Young is a similar talent as Ben. He could "manage" games as well as Ben can.
Chris Johnson is a step up from Mendy and has break away speed.
McCourty is a 2nd year up and comer who could make an immediate impact.
I think the Steelers could even get a #1 draft pick out of the deal, and use it to get a top 8 player. They could use the pick to take WR Julio Jones, CB Prince Amukamara, or RB Mark Ingram. Either one would be a great addition. Then they would still have their other pick, #32 hopefully, to take Mike Pouncey.

With two first rounders, a great corner in McCourty, a great RB in Johnson, and a potentially great QB in Vince Young, they could rebuild and get better doing it at the same time.

Ben and Vince put up similar numbers, but Ben plays with a #1 defense, Vince struggles with a ineffective Defense and a lack of good recievers.

Vince could step in for Ben and be a step up.
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