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Default Re: Titan / Steeler player swap

OK wutchy listen up because this is important.

Troy and Ben are what we call "generational" talents. They're the kind of players that come along once in a generation. There has never been a more disruptive, intelligent or influential DB than Polamalu. He brings Elite with him - not just as an individual - but to the team he plays on. And Ben is probably the most clutch QB in history. More than that - he is another team player. Not a gaudy stats passer, but someone who will get the dirty job done for his team.

You cannot replace these people, k? There are no "equivalents" or "alternatives" for them out there. It doesn't matter that they're getting old. You can't replace them. It's as simple as that. So you just ride them and make sure they never leave until they get too old to play any more. And then you sigh, and say "wasn't it great when we used to watch Ben and Troy".
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