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Default Re: Titan / Steeler player swap

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
You're an idiot. Ben only passed for less than 200 yards 3 times this year (including playoffs). 3 games over 300 yards (one was 387), and the ones he passed in the 200's...only two were below 250 (one was 246 and the other was the Ravens post season game...226).

THIS YEAR Young had ONE game over 200 and three games UNDER 100. All while rushing for a total of 125 yards. Ben rushed for 176.

This is why VY got benched for Collins AGAIN. Did Ben get benched for anyone this year (no, the suspension doesn't count).

Next time...look up the numbers before you make an ass of yourself, ok?

It has everything to do with your original post. You pulled this shit out of thin air and went with it. It's not my fault you don't know how to look shit up before you type.

Don't act like a totally idiotic moron and you won't get treated like one.
If you put Ben in Tennessee, and Vince the Pittsburgh. I truly believe that the Steelers, on the strength of their defense, as usual, will be in the super bowl. Ben and the titans would be suckin beers in the stands. Vince would make the Pro Bowl, and Ben would be on vacation.
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