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Default Re: Draft Predictions

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Yeah, by bust I mean he isn't the second coming of Joe Montana like he's being hyped to be, much more like Tim Couch.

I also want to add that Domenik Hixon is my triple super duper sleeper pick (even though it's not much of a secret anymore).
I'm thinking better than Tim Couch. The two things you can count on with Leinart is that he can handle the pressure and he is not a problem child. Quite frankly if I were being asked the questions that he had to answer since the Oklahoma Orange Bowl rout, I'd probably be in a straight jacket drooling on a some padded concrete floor.

That being said anyone expecting the second coming of Montana is setting themselves up for disappointment. The supply of NFL-caliber QB's is (thankfully for us now) woefully low. The teams without have no choice but to pay the going rate - it's almost as if they have guns to their heads.

A triple super duper sleeper pick...say that 10 times fast.
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