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Default Re: Titan / Steeler player swap

Originally Posted by wutchy View Post
Troy has "maybe" 3 more years. I suggested getting an elite DB with about 3 times that many great years left in a trade. You might, and might not, suffer for it, but I think a good safety could be drafted. I made a good proposal. If you trade Troy and end up with McCourty and Prince Mukumara in the same backfield for 10 years, it would be good in the long run.
Of course, you could end up with CJ and Ingram in the same backfield too. Again, great.
Or get Julio Jones and Mike Pouncey in the same first round.
So we trade Troy knowing that we can just draft another great safety. You're making it sound like players such as Troy are a dime a dozen. And all the players you mentioned are fine college players ... but what guarantee do you have they they'll be good in the NFL? You want to trade Pro Bowl players for unproven talent.
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