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Default Re: Titan / Steeler player swap

Originally Posted by wutchy View Post
Who knows. If you read my OP, I merely say that Ben and Vince are comparable in numbers and talent. Neither passes for big numbers, and neither is a pocket passer. Both rely on their legs and buying time. Steelers have a better defense and recievers. They compare in accuracy and completion percentage.
Typically, they seem to be 15 of 25, for 200 yards, one TD and maybe a pick.
But none of that is true.

Here. I'll make it real clear for you.


Completion Percentage: 57.9
Yards/play average: 6.8
Yards/game average: 150
TD %: 3.5 (he has a 1:1 ratio)
Average rushing yards/play: 5.2
Fumbles: 21


Completion Percentage: 63.1
Yards/play average: 8.0
Yards/game average: 227.3
TD %: 5.1
Average rushing yards/play: 3.3
Fumbles: 14 (in 45 more games)

Ben is over 22k yards. VY hasn't even reached 9k.

Now, I know that the rushing looks nice and all, but couple that with the fact that even though VY rushes more, his first down % from rushing is lower than Bens.

Please tell me when VY has consistently passed for 200 yds/game.

I just want to know where you are getting your made up numbers that don't back up your statements.
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