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Default Re: Titan / Steeler player swap

Originally Posted by wutchy View Post
I just watched the game again last night. It was a lot like the Jets game.
Ben played similar in both games if you ask me. Irrespective of numbers, maybe they were similar too, but thats not the point.
Since you won't bother to look anything up, I'll just tell you. They weren't. Ben's numbers in SBXLIII were much better than in the Jets game.

Ben sucked in the cardinals super bowl, except for the first and last drives, and he sucked in the jets game, except for the first and last drives.
Harrison saved the day in one, Gay in the other.
If Harrison saved the day, then why did they need a last minute drive for a TD? I'm not knocking on Harrison or the D...that was a great play, but the D allowed over 400 yards total.

Ben was responsible for 2 TDs, and 2 FGs. One TD came from the D. The safety the Cardinals scored would have been a 1st down and who knows what else if the center doesn't hold.

You are just grasping at straws now. Was he Kurt Warner, Tom Brady good? No....but he didn't "suck". And VY will never be an upgrade to any team except MAYBE the Raiders.
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