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Default Re: Draft Predictions

Is really hard to say, ben was put in a greta situation because the Steelers were not going to be a team that was going to be in last place year after year and that is why i dont really think highly of taking a QB so high. If ge goes to Tenn I think would be best siutation for him because is already familiar with coahing staff and offense and Tenn is already in rebuilding mode. If he went to the Saints or Jets, i look at him to be a bust because i dont feel those teams will be .500 teams and those divisions are in an upswing and getting better. I think at first Young will be a more productive player because a SMART team will use him in a way like we used Stewart just because his althletic ability allows him to come in on different situations and possibly run option, Screens, possibly even at WR, 3rd and short .. 4th and short goaline ect.

I think in the end Leinart will be a decent QB, but he has some serious questions on his arm strength, but so did Brady. So hard to say but i have a feeling we will hear alot more about V Young than we will about Leiardt at the beginning. Until young has to play every down ( like Kordell ), he will be considered a better pick.
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