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Default Re: Can This Guy Be Any Nuttier?

Tony, I think in the wild, the mother also eats it also for fear of predators smelling it & being attracted to the babies.
Either way, gross. I don't think I could even watch something like that on the discovery channel, let alone even think of staying with a man who suggested eating it.
Some women take birth pictures, to me it's just way too gross & personal to show family members. What about Tom's family album? I wonder if he will take those pics to the next scientology meeting. Can you see them all sitting there saying "oh, how beautiful!"
And years later they can all gather around the 20 foot fireplace in their mansion looking at the beautiful baby pictures & what will the kid think?
I'm not trying to bash other cultures intentionally, but c'mon-it's much worse than a European woman's hairy legs!
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