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Default Experience the Key in Super Bowl 45

What Yinz think? Will the experinced of the Steelers be a factor on Sunday?

Expect the Steelers to be composed in Super Bowl XLV

The bright lights are here. The time is ever so near when all your peers and a global TV audience turn its attention to the event, Super Bowl XLV. It is the time when everything is magnified, to the extent approaching stupidity. Reporters on the in-famous media day dig for anything they can run with. By Sunday night the media will have worked up such a lather of anticipation some may even soil themselves.

Eventually, the Star Spangled Banner will take the stage and it will finally be time for the champions to enter the arena. This is when those bright lights, literally are most luminous. Itís enough to blind even the most confident of participants.

If you are an NFL fan a valid question will come into play in this years event. Will the Super Bowl experienced Pittsburgh Steelers have their way with the inexperienced Green Bay Packers? It has to be a factor in the equation. Just as important to consider isÖ will it have an impact on the outcome of the game? Read More
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