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Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
Big Poppa Pump back to TNA! While he's a bit older, he still carries himself old school style. I liked his entrance the other night.

However, TNA still isn't using their talent pool well. As for WWE, I watch it now just out of boredom and to see if they're doing anything new. There's just nothing there like there was with The Rock, Stonecold, HHH, etc.

Talk about horrible mic work! Scott Steiner is one of the all-time worst. His in-ring ability sucks now too. He used to be awesome back in the Steiner Brothers days with his wrestling ability and innovativeness (Frankensteiner anyone?). He's a shell of his former self now. He did make a nice entrance last week and looked menacing holding a pipe, but I hope Angle has something better lined up for help that cannactually work like Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. They are currently working Ring of Honor wrestling which is far superior to both TNA and WWE in in-ring action.

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