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Default Re: -Big Ben = Big Choker + Big Liar- II

Cats,you make me laugh.You are really entertaining.

When the Steelers own the Bungles ass twice this season,when Carson *possibly* wins 9 games instead of 8 games,and Ben is hoisting the Lombardi trophy in February while Carson sits at home and realizes he'll never know what that's're tune will change.

You can't win EVERY game (the Bengals can't win more than half of thier games,can't even beat the Clowns twice...not even convincingly once).Ben lost in the biggest game of his life so far.He'll have bigger games.

Guess what,this will be Ben's second year in the league and he'll be able to read defenses better than Carson,he'll understand his defenses better than Carson,and once again he'll be a better QB than Carson.

When thier careers are over,Ben will be looked at as a champion,one of the best QB's of his time.Carson will be looked at as a mediocre to above average QB who got into the playoffs due to Wild Card spots a few times...but could never take his game to the next level (that is,if he can get them over 8-8).

At least we can say :sign08: you guys don't have any rings.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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