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Default Re: Steelers at Packers SuperBowl XV 2/7/11 Game Day Thread

Originally Posted by fortmemphis View Post
watching the NFL network and the so called experts just about all picked GB. Even Rod Woodson picked GB. Drew Brees was quoted as saying that if both teams play their best games, GB wins. Warren Sapp, Mariucci, Kurt Warner all picked GB. Only Deion and Marshall Faulk said Steelers. Saw Mark Sanchez say on camera that he is pulling for Aaron Rodgers. Sapp was pointing out that Flozell was on the field taking pictures while Clay Matthews is focused still in lockerroom. Man, when it comes down to it, not a lot of love coming the Steelers' way. Going to be all the more satisfying when we take #7.

Rod Woodson also picked the Cardinals, on his HOF announcement weekend no less. What a Benedict Arnold.
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