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Default Re: -Big Ben = Big Choker + Big Liar- II

Cats...are you for real! Is that all you really have...a bunch of stupid pics and that Carson was drafted #1 and won the heisman. Maybe, instead of living in his college days, you might want to wake up and wonder if he will ever live up to his hype-I know I would be if I were in your situation.
To me Ben has proven a lot to me in his rookie season. He faced some of the best teams in the league and won. He proved he was able to come back from behind, he made some huge plays for us, converted many crucial 3rd downs. This kid was a rookie with a limited playbook and made things happen. Yes, it's no secret, he didn't do it by himself. He came into a perfect situation for him surrounded by the top running game and defense in the league. He lost one game, and yes it was his biggest game, but he now has the experience of the playoffs, will have an expanded playbook, more options to throw too, the same running game, and defense with an improved secondary, and a winning franchise. I personally think, he will once again, be just fine-and I would take that anyday over a first round pick that has a Heisman at home and a supporting cast and franchise that has not been able to finish over 8-8 since 1990 (9-7) anyday!

To be fair, I really do think Carson will have a good career in the NFL, but no, right now I do not see him being better than Big Ben!
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