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Default Re: Steelers at Packers SuperBowl XV 2/7/11 Game Day Thread

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Maybe the best team didn't win, but the better one did if only by virtue of an easy walk-in pick six courtesy of a pass that should never have been thrown.

Let's face it, going down by 14 to a team like Green Bay is very difficult to recover from and if you take away that one play, we win by a point. The consolation is that we didn't get our asses kicked and we weren't dominated. We simply spotted a very evenly matched team too many points.

Green Bay played a great game and a tough game and I congratulate them on the win!
Completely agree. Green Bay deserved to win because they played the better game. It's just a shame we didn't play solid, don't think this one would have been the same outcome. But we didn't come close with our performance.
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