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Default Re: Kiper and McShay both have Steelers taking OT!

I don't like the offensive tackles in this draft class at all.

Derek Sherrod, Gabe Carimi, DeMarcus Love, those are the only guys I'd like for us, and they are all borderline LT's, IMO. Won't be anything special.

Marcus Cannon is sometimes listed as a tackle, but I'd kick him inside to guard and watch him blossom. He could become a truly special player there. Could being the magic word, of course.

As for Tyron Smith, he is just way too small, IMO. 6'5 is good, and he's got long, rangy arms, but 280 lbs?!? I'm sorry, that just doesn't cut it for me. He's one of those converted TE's, and I don't really buy into them. Plus, he's never played on the left side (Kalil plays LT for USC, Smith is RT), so that would be interesting to see as well.

Smith has to add 20 lbs. just to be at the minimum weight for a tackle (300 by my standards), meaning it would be a longshot for him to get to the 315-320 range I really like.
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