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Default Draft a QB?

Hello, everyone. First time posting on these forums...

I'm not going to be another one of those guys critical of Roethlisberger, posting a reactionary thread about how he needs to go. I think he's one of the most reliable quarterbacks in the league, and I respect all that he's done for the Steelers during the past several years.

One thing I am curious about -- While watching the success of Aaron Rodgers this season, I realize how advantageous it might be to draft a stud QB, then have him serve as a back-up to one of the best in the game for a few seasons. This gives the young player someone to learn from and a mentor to show him the ropes during his early years in the league. Philip Rivers is another example of a guy who waited his turn before finding success. Kevin Kolb, not so much.

So, my question is, if the Steelers take this approach, how long does the team wait before drafting the heir apparent to Big Ben? Is this year too soon? I know Ben's not exactly an old man, but his body's taken quite a beating since he arrived in the league. Another concern would be the possibility of having him take the idea of drafting a talented young QB as a sign of disrespect, as if he's being pushed out the door.

I know we already have a young QB (Dennis Dixon) on the roster, and the early picks in this draft should be used to strengthen our offensive line and secondary. But, I just wanted to see if anyone else thinks the Steelers aren't too far off from starting to think about a quarterback of the future.
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