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Default Time to talk about the real Big Ben.

First off, in regards to Super Bowl XLV, the better team did not win, it was just that Ben did everything he could to give the Packers the win. I could bring up how even Troy Aikman was wondering why the Packers were not being called for holding, but nevermind, we had a chance to win in the end and Ben choked.

Let's take a look at Ben. I am tired of trying to find reasons to tell other fans why he should be considered one of the best in the game, when in reality, he is little more than a Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer or some other above average at best QB.

Sure Ben is very big, there is not a stronger QB in the game, he has a cannon arm. Unfortunately, he is dumber than a rock. I suggest you look at all 3 Super Bowls that Ben has been in, you will notice that he has been completely humiliated and out performed by whatever QB it was he faced. How about we compare Ben's Super Bowl stats to other Super Bowl QBs who REALLY ARE great and lengends:

The Legend Terry Bradshaw - 4 Super Bowl wins

89 attempts, 49 completions, 58.3% completion, 932 yards, 9 TD passes, 4 INTs

Keep in mind, Bradshaw played in a real tough era, where DBs were allowed to actually play like the position was meant to be played.

Joe Montana - 4 Super Bowl wins
122 pass attempts, 83 completions, 68% completion, 1142 yards, 11 TD passes 0 Ints.

Tom Brady - 3 Super Bowl wins, 1 Super Bowl loss

156 attempts, 99 completions, 64% completion, 990 yards, 7 TD passes 1 INT

Troy Aikman 3 Super Bowl wins

80 attempts, 56 completions, 70% completion, 689 yards, 5 TD passes 1 INT.

Then we have Ben 2 Super Bowl wins, 1 Loss

92 attempts, 56 completions, 61% completion, 677 yards 3 TD passes, 5 INTS

The thing is, Ben has never carried the Steelers to a Super Bowl win, all the above QBs have. I know there are many other QBs, but I can't list them all that have been great like Elway, Favre, Staubach and others. All these great QBs have carried their teams in the big game, with Ben, his performances have been awful and it was the Steelers that carried him.

I am tired of defending this guy. He is nothing compared to those great legends. He has shamed this great Steeler franchise off the field, and he did a great job of shaming it again in Super Bowl XLV. The only thing missing from Super Bowl XLV was Ben going over to the Packers and handing them the Lombardi himself.
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