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Default Re: Time to talk about the real Big Ben.

Originally Posted by CargoJon View Post
Oh, and name me another QB in the league that's been to 3 Super Bowls in the last 6 years....let alone won 2 in the last 6 years.

Brady - nope. Hasn't won one since before we won XL.
Manning - nope. The WhoDats made him their bitch
Rogers - nope.
Rivers - that cat can't win in the playoffs to save his ass.

Care to trade Ben over the last 6 years for any of these fine gents? Who would you prefer?
I would take Brady over Ben in a heartbeat. I hate the Patriots, but that hate will not blind me in that he is a truly great QB.

Rogers, well, yet another QB who outperformed Ben. Ben is what he is, a QB that will always need to have the team carry him. Rogers is only going to get better. So I would take Rogers over Ben as well.

Manning or Ben, Manning is overrated just like Ben, I'll flip a coin.

Rivers, Ok, you presented a QB I would take Ben over.
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