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Default Re: Time to talk about the real Big Ben.

Originally Posted by Steelerz4Life View Post
I would take Brady over Ben in a heartbeat. I hate the Patriots, but that hate will not blind me in that he is a truly great QB.

Rogers, well, yet another QB who outperformed Ben. Ben is what he is, a QB that will always need to have the team carry him. Rogers is only going to get better. So I would take Rogers over Ben as well.

Manning or Ben, Manning is overrated just like Ben, I'll flip a coin.

Rivers, Ok, you presented a QB I would take Ben over.
Just as I figured you never saw Bradshaw play. Sure he was on a team that won 4 Super Bowls and is in the Hall of Fame, but believe me he wasn't that great at times either.
Your mama must have dropped you on your head at an early age.
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