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Default Re: Time to talk about the real Big Ben.

Originally Posted by Steelerz4Life View Post
Even a blind chicken sometimes finds a kernel of corn.

Super Bowl 40, because Ben could not figure out how to throw a TD pass, they had to have Randle El do it for him. Randle El 1 TD pass 0 INTs, Ben 0 TD passes 2 INTS.
Yeah your right. Even Ben admitted he didn't play well in that game. You point out some other QB's as being great some were some weren't. Ben admitts he probably won't win any passing titles, but like some one else said you don't give him enough credit. But any time you can get your team to 3 Super Bowls and win 2 that ain't to damn bad. Oh, yeah how about Hall of Famer Dan Marino 1 Super Bowl 1 loss, so I guess he doesn't belong in the Hall of fame?
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