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Default Re: Time to talk about the real Big Ben.

I am fed up to my eyeballs with "Stat People".

For Chrissakes you'd think that the whole of a QB's career can be judged solely on percentages, ratings and all of the other statistical bullshit.

If you want to talk stats that count, you can't because they don't keep such numbers. How 'bout a slugging percentage for QB's? They have such a thing for baseball, so why not football? If there was such a category Ben would be at the top of the list because 95% of the time, when it absolutely positively has to get done, Ben does it.

And why are so many people hung up on SB XL?

Did any of these cretins actually watch the playoffs that preceded the SB? Ben looked great against Cincy, he made Manning look like a putz in the divisional round and we owned the Colts in that game. If Troy's pick/fumble/recovery was ruled correctly at the time (which it wasn't and they later apologized for getting it wrong), we would have scored on that drive and that game was history.

But they screwed up and then when Bettis fumbled it muddied everything up, but make no mistake, Ben was "On" that day.

And how 'bout the clinic Ben put on in Denver the following week? My favorite moment was after Bettis' TD was called back because Hines was not lined up properly, Ben just calls Hines' number on the next play and hits him perfectly at the back of the end zone.

By the time the SB came around, Cowher had two full weeks to educate Ben on the intricacies of "Martyball" because he was nervous about possibly losing another SB. So by the time the game came around, Ben was reduced to little more than a manager. During the game, it got to the point where Ben finally went up to Cowher and said, "Coach, let's play to win, let's not play not to lose".

So all in all, for a kid who was just a 22 year old NFL sophomore, I'd say that he acquitted himself quite well overall even if his SB performance was less than expected (gee, do you suppose this 22 year old might have been just a bit nervous too?), yet to hear the "Stat People" tell it, you'd think Ben was just some tall guy we found eating a hot dog in Section 104 and we threw a uniform on him and sent him out onto the field.

In SB XL Ben didn't break any records or throw for ten TD's or any of that other crap that everyone seems to think matters in such games but he DID manage to add a shiny new Lombardi to the Rooney's trophy case.

Not bad for a kid's first Super Bowl

Oh and by the way, since the "legends" were brought up, in the legendary Terry Bradshaw's very first Super Bowl, he threw 14 passes, completed 9 all for a whopping 96 yards and one TD.

That doesn't seem all that legendary to me, but he brought the very first Lombardi to the Rooney's and they didn't even have a trophy case yet.

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