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Default Re: Anyone else surprised by how little you care about the loss?

Originally Posted by jjpro11 View Post
it's wasn't as bad as losing the AFCCG to the Pats in 2004. that was such a fun season and that loss really hurt. we made up for it the year later, but it sure sucked at the time.

here's what is bugging me.. this team had a chance to win 3 Super Bowl in 6 years.. that would have been something really special.. Ward was having a good game.. if he makes another couple key catches on that final drive and maybe catches the winning TD, he's the MVP again and stamps his ticket to Canton as one of the most clutch receivers of all-time. a game winning drive led by Ben and he is in the HOF. i really wanted to see the guys receive the trophy from Goodell after all the shit he caused this season. it's still a ****ing bummer.
Yes, you are right on both points. I knew we had the ability to pull off that 2 minute drive, but for some reason this time I just didn't "feel it".
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