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Default Re: Anyone else surprised by how little you care about the loss?

I'm just pissed that the Steelers let one of the weakest teams to ever make it to a Super Bowl win the damn thing. Some say that Green Bay excelled, and some say Pittsburgh stunk, as the reason the game turned out the way it did.....but I've seen too many stink bomb performances by the Pack to give them much credit at all. They're not the Lions or the Browns, but I never saw anything in them that made me think that they were ever going to win a Lombardi.

To me, it would be like if the '85 Patriots had beaten the Bears......or like the '00 Giants beating the Ravens......or like the '98 Falcons beating the Broncos......or like the '95 Chargers beating the 49ers......or like the '01 Patriots beating the Ra....Oh wait, that really happened, good thing I didn't give a rat's ass about that game at all. just feels wrong to me. I'll give Rodgers some credit for being highly accurate in the playoffs, but I truly feel the weaker team won this game.....and maybe the weakest winner ever.
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