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Default Re: Bouchette On Sports Talk Radio - Woodley Potential FA Loss

Almost every player resigned by the Steelers has the option to take a larger payout with another team. Most of the guys the Steelers do attempt to retain, stay with the team. Don't get me wrong, Woodley will get much more money than his rookie contract that he's been working off. Of course he was frustrated that a new deal wasn't done and it was very obvious the Steelers could not do a realistic deal given the nature of the CBA ... a new deal under the terms of the CBA would have been insulting. Woodley hasn't pissed and moaned like Faneca, Porter and others who were facing contract issues. He's expressed his concerns like anyone would, but has also made it very clear he wants to stay. My guess is he is willing to be the 2nd highest paid LB on the team ... the question is how much of a difference is he willing to take between his contact and Harrison's?

I can think of only 3 big misses by the Steelers in not resigning great linebackers:
  1. Mike Merriweather
  2. Hardy Nickerson
  3. Mike Vrabel

It's been a while since they failed to keep someone who continued to be very good/great at that spot ... and only 3 times in the past 22 years. I didn't include Porter because Harrison obviously outplayed his predecessor and Porter's stock quickly dropped after that one good year he had in Miami.
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