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Default Re: Steelers Lose without Tone.......

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I'm all for legalizing pot and whatnot...that's great, but like you said, it's just pot. He can't wait till he's retired to toke up? Seriously?

He's a selfish asshole IMO. He was getting paid millions of dollars to do a job and all he had to do was be a great player like he is and not get high. Well done 'tone.
Of course the other side of that argument is that if getting high HELPS MAKE HIM A GREAT PLAYER, then what's the harm as long as he shows up when needed?

I think that Wallace & Co. will eventually become one of the best receiver corps we've had in quite a while. But I DO believe that things may have turned out a bit differently if we still had Holmes on the field.

Getting rid of Holmes was one of the few things this team has done that I really didn't agree with. By all accounts, the players liked him (some said they loved him) and it's unfortunate that his issues coincided with Ben's which put too much pressure on the Rooney's to do SOMETHING. And when push comes to shove, a WR is far more expendable than a 100 million dollar franchise QB, so what came next was a no-brainer --- assuming of course that they had to get rid of one of them, which I still think was just a political call to keep the Rooney's from seeming as if they were running a halfway house for wayward athletes.

I think the Holmes deal was more about not being embarrassed than anything else and I'm sorry but it HAS affected the offensive output of the team --- especially in clutch situations.
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