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Default Steelers: The movie

I think we need to have a little fun and laugh some. Im tired of being depressed! So lets say there is going to be a movie about the last year of the steelers.

We need to cast it. Who plays Ben (my vote is Gerard Butler)? Who plays Miss DTF (I got Tara Reid or Lindsay Lohan)? How about Goodell (James Woods)? We need to Cast Troy, Hines, James and Keisel and at least the rest of the starters. If other players are not cast they will just have extra's. Oh and Lebeau and Arians (that should be interesting).

Oh and Tomlin is played by Omar Epps!

Oh and what is the name of the movie?

Anyway lets have fun with this, not take it seriously at all, and laugh a little.
"It seems every year there is some reason they are trying to doubt me. Small school, I was playing as a rookie and now this. I?m looking forward to proving to people that I?m up to the task."
~Ben Roethlisberger~

He's ready, Steelers fans. His ordeal over, his return will be complete come Saturday in Arizona, when football again becomes the focus and a career briefly interrupted resumes.
~SI aticle 2006~
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