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Default Re: Steelers: The movie

Originally Posted by stb_steeler View Post
We all know how hollywood changes the themes to the real life happenings, so if they did a story with Ben in it we prolly wouldnt like the out come. He'd be portayed as rich athlete and a woman chaser and to add some fizz to the movie they'd prolly throw in some court seens as well.......I can see it on Lifetime now!
Oh Hollywood likes a feel good story. So Ben would start out as the troubled playboy athlete who gets in trouble (but deep down has a heart of gold) in Georgia and is suspended. The first 10 minutes of the movie covers everything in Georgia and him getting suspended including the media lynching. The next hour covers how he changes his life, meets the future mrs and bonds with his teammates to have them come together in training camp. The last 1.5 covers the season (including the fines, the injuries etc) the super bowl and the ultimate understanding that even though they didn't win the big game, they gained so much more.

It'll win an oscar!
"It seems every year there is some reason they are trying to doubt me. Small school, I was playing as a rookie and now this. I?m looking forward to proving to people that I?m up to the task."
~Ben Roethlisberger~

He's ready, Steelers fans. His ordeal over, his return will be complete come Saturday in Arizona, when football again becomes the focus and a career briefly interrupted resumes.
~SI aticle 2006~
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