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Default Re: Steelers' receiver corps needs reinforcements

I would say that I agree, to a certain extent. There's only so much you can do to improve the O-line, at the end of the day they'll always look bad with Ben behind them.

Our best option would be to draft Mike Pouncey and sign Baltimore's Marshal Yanda (an underappreciated, underrated pro-bowl caliber guard with position versatility) and have a line with these guys:

Starks - Mi. Pouncey - Ma. Pouncey - Yanda - Colon

As for CB, we don't need a rookie CB, we need a talented veteran CB. Champ Bailey would be my #1 target, as Asomugha is completely out of the question. Bailey is 33, but don't let his age fool you, he is still a great athlete and a superb CB. He's going to be good for two or three more years and that's it. He could transition to FS and be good for two or three more years too. Plus, he's got money already, he only wants to win a ring.

With those acquisitions, we'd be able to draft BPA, which is what we ultimately do, anyways. And we do need another WR. Ward is entering his last year, for sure. He's just a shell of what he used to be. Randle El and Battle could be cap casualties next season. Mike Wallace is the only good receiver we really have. Sanders and Brown are promising, but let's face it, neither played a starting CB on a consistent basis. Sanders played against nickel DB's (basically the equivalent of William Gay for other teams) and Brown played against #4 CB's (Anthony Madison). We've yet to see those guys perform against quality starters.

Sweed is still a big question mark. His career has been extremely disappointing so far, and there's a good chance it'll keep being one. About 1/3 of all NFL players who suffer an achilles tear wind up not playing football ever again, and those who do return very rarely return to pre-injury form. Sweed is entering his third year, but there is a legitimate chance he'll never become a good receiver.

If I had to choose anyone, it's be Pittsburgh (Panthers') WR Jonathan Baldwin. He's exactly what we need. Tall, physical, very athletic, and has a huge vertical jump. He'd be the perfect complement to Wallace. Look him up on youtube just to see what kind of monster he could be. Probably an early-mid second round pick right now though.
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