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Default Re: Congrats Steeler Fans

Originally Posted by Mr. D™ View Post
ain't jealous and as for Palmer love how the media just loves to throw shit around, he stated the reason he wanted out. and brat is gone, so I have no problem with him staying
Your like the little kid who ran to get his big brother to beat up the bully because you couldn't do it yourself and then shoots off his mouth at how tough he is after.
We are the Bully in the AFC North and will continue to be. You will always be our little B****, just as you always have.

We're 6 for 8. You're 0 for 2 in the big game.
We've played in 15 AFC Championship games. The Bengals 2. You're franchise QB is embarrassed to be on the team and would rather retire than continue. The Bengals were once again the bottom of the division. After so much talk, so much expectation, and 4 wins. .......Really. 4 wins. You know when the last time the Steelers won only 4 games. Try never in my lifetime. That's right. The last time we had a season as pathetic as the one you're coming off of is never. Think about that. Never. You'd have to go back to the days of leather helmets to find a year the Steelers had that was as bad as the one the Bengals just had last year, and make a habit of having on a routine basis.

Bengals Suck.
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