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Default Re: Bouchette On Sports Talk Radio - Woodley Potential FA Loss

Originally Posted by mcg24 View Post
Woodley isn't going anywhere. The man has a head on his shoulders and the organization understands his importance to this club. If we let Woodley go, our elite linebacking core has a chance from going to elite to average in just a few years.

I don't think Harrison has more than a few years left, and Farrior certainly doesn' what happens if we lose Woodley?

That would leave our linebackers in let's say...3-4 years at Timmons, Worilds that it? I'm not doubting this teams ability to draft linebackers, we know they can do that, but this is a guy we can't afford to lose. He is a Pittsburgh Steeler, and he is not going anywhere.
And college basketball players claim they are never leaving early for the NBA until they do

Money talks and it should - if Woodley hits the open market some team would pay far more for him than the Steelers would or for that matter could afford to - that is why the franchise designation that needs to be tagged by Febraury 24 is key for the Steelers as well as several other teams and why I bet the NFL will insist the 2010 franchise designations are enforceable as a condition of any deal that gets done. Steelers need to do a deal before they are competing against other teams bids
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