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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by GBpack2010 View Post
When you guys won it all did Baltimore and Cleveland fans shut up for awhile? You guys have any rivalries with Brown or Raven fans that seem to hate Pittsburgh more then they root for their own team? I dealt with this Bears fan since actually last summer before the season started. This Bear fan told me he hopes Rodgers gets his leg broken. After the week 3 game with the Bears when they beat us 20-17 on a game winning field goal he was giving me a smile and writing on facebook " The silence of Packer fans and Im loving it." Then one time I said after a Packers victory over the Vikings how much I enjoyed the win and he responded saying how he loved the Bears kicking the Packers butt in week 3. He kept saying things like Rodgers is a queer and takes it up the ass and how much he hates the Packers and their fans. He then before the playoff game said I will bet my house that the Bears beat the Packers in the championship game. I didnt say anything the week leading up to the game. After the win over them in the title game I couldnt wait to see the guy and talk some trash. I decided at first to lay off but then I heard him saying the refs gave the Packers the super bowl so finally I have had it with this guy so today I walked by him and said "You think the Pack is going to repeat." He responded they still suck. I was like who won the NFC championship game? He responded Bears are division champs. I was like who is super bowl champs huh? He says "Typical Packer fan always running their mouths. I responded we run our mouths cause we had to put up with you guys all year long running your mouths. He was like I never said a word. I told him the packers statiscally in the game they lost against Chicago in week 3 beat the snot out of the Bears and despite our 18 penalites we still only lost by 3. That was the end of the conversation but man those guys are so bitter and butthurt it is funny. Not a knock against you guys at all. I just hate rival fans like Minnesota and Chicago and it is nice to win big games against them in the playoffs just to put a knockout punch on them lol.

Funny how so much rivarly fans are alike. I actually have a Minny fan on facebook that I met and you should of seen her facebook status's. She would rather drive a school bus through and orphanage than to see the Packers win the Super Bowl. She couldn't stomach it to the point of hatred and tears.

As for us dealing with Cleveland/Balty/Bungles fans, it's a treat for me, personally. I love the non-stop obsession they have with us. They would rather see the Steelers lose any given Sunday than to actually see them beat their opponent against them that day. Their Super Bowl's ARE Steelers week and their fans loath us, only because of our non-stop domination over them.

Look no further than our resident friend, bobby jr. The dude is so fabricated with his own purple kool-aid, on a Steelers message board, that he comes off to many Steelers fans as humorous and being laughed AT. Take it as a compliment bro, they'd do ANYTHING to be in your position as a fan right now. Hatred= good.
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