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Default Re: Congrats Steeler Fans

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
another jealous bunghole fan who has never seen his team win a meaningful game ...
Their only meaningful game they win is when they win against US maybe 3 times a decade. Beating the Steelers IS their Super Bowl while we actually WIN Super Bowls. This sour-puss loser and his Steelers hate is hysterical, coming onto a Steelers message board to gloat when his team, predicted to win the AFC North in many instances, completley embarrasses themselves AND the NFL for being the Bungholes they are and feels the need to rip a Super Bowl team? I'm glad all Bungles fans are butt-hurt, the only fascination they could EVER have is hating the Steelers and it's downright laughable.

BTW: I'm glad Carson, cornhole Palmer is staying a Bengal. That means another easy sweep and 2 games for the Black and Gold. One of the most overrated qb's to ever live. All stat, no production. Enjoy the cellar and watch us in even MORE Super Bowls, step-child.
"I believe the game is designed to reward the one's who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play!" -Jack Lambert
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