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Originally Posted by ggoldman View Post
Keenan Lewis is only in his 3rd year, does anyone remember how long it took Lawrence Timmons to fully grasp LeBeau's D? I expect Lewis to make the jump to nickel-back (at least) and make Willie Gay expendable this off-season.
Lewis is too stupid, to put it very plainly. He messed up BAD in that one game this year and punched out a sign or something at the opposing team's stadium afterwards (which of course landed him in Tomlin's doghouse). And the few other times he has seent he field, he committed some catastrophic mistake and ended up getting pulled and throwing his helmet on the ground on the sidelines afterwards.

I think of him as an Anthony Smith, Version 2. Both of them are dumbasses, like when Smith decapitated someone in a game after he waved for a fair catch and got us a 15 yard penalty (I think it was against the Ravens in 2008 maybe?). Or the time he decleated Ward in a non-full contact walkthrough practice just before a game...
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