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Default Re: After final further review it is 2 plays that lost the SuperBowl

we have the same issues with ike taylor.

as for all of the packers dropped passes i wish somebody would finally step up and give credit to the steelers secondary which is probably the hardest hitting secondary in the nfl.

greg jennings was completely body rocked by polamalu on his 1st td.

i noticed packer players taking their eye off the ball, looking for where the hits were coming from on several occasions. most notable was jordy nelson on a crossing route in the middle when lawrence timmons AND ryan clark were bearing down on him.

and finally the rocket balls aaron was throwing. many times he was throwing rockets to either beat the rush or beat the coverage.

either that or he simply has no touch (i am sure it is the former).

yet many fans on both sides (and all talking heads/ media analysts) simply chalk it up the the "great" wr corps of the packers suddenly having butterfingers instead of giving credit to the playoff's #1 defense.
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