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Default Re: After final further review it is 2 plays that lost the SuperBowl

Originally Posted by Packerstud View Post
The single most crucial play to the game?

After multiple viewings of the game I believe it was your first punt in the 1st quarter. Williams fumbled the punt but recovered. If the Steelers had recovered that fumble I think it would have been a very different game.
i dont think that was too crucial at all. while it woulda been great to recover that muff and go on to score a TD it woulda been nothing more than if we had scored on our opening drive.

the rest of the game was still to be played and the packers got the ball to open the second half.

that mistake there coulda easilly been overcome.

in 10 years, nobody but your die hard steeler and packerfans will even remember that muff.

when i rewatched that game for the 1st time, i said "damn, i totally forgot about that" and then noted how huge that coulda been in possibly changing the outcome.
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