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Default Re: After final further review it is 2 plays that lost the SuperBowl

My two plays were the two penalties in the kick game that killed us with bad field position at crucial times of the game. And the thing is neither penalty aided the play in any way. I've watched Mundy's block in the back about 50 times, and while there's no doubt it was a legitimate call, there's also no doubt on my part that Antoine Brown would have still advanced the ball to the 43 yard line if Mundy never makes contact there, as the Packer defender took a terrible angle on the play and had already run himself out of any chance of making the tackle.

If we get the ball at the 43 as we should have ( without Mundy's stupidity, I'm not blaming the ref) that pick 6 likely never happens.

And of course I think the lack of field position on our last offensive series factored into how poorly we performed with the ball there.
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