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Default Re: Addressing lingering questions - Few can doubt Roethlisberger's dedication now

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Look at him during TV interviews when he comes into camp; if he has worked on conditioning and cut down on the drinking his face will not be puffed up
Yeah most all NFLers treat the game like there is no "off season" these guys stay in shape year around. Like Its there job actually. Not Ben. He comes into camp Fat Faced almost every year with double or triple chins. I taped the super bowl and re-watched when we got home Tuesday, the interview with Ben and Bradshaw I couldnt believe how Ben looked... He had a gut , extra chin and zero tone or definition in his muscle. I agree that not all QB's are ripped but most are in shape. Not Ben. Look at Peyton he is in great shape and you can tell when you look at him he hits the weights. Ben has alot to learn about dedication !!!
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