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Default Re: On to NASCAR - Speedweeks is here!

Pairs racing?


I don't think those motors can last at 9700rpm for 500 miles at Daytona, we'll see.

Sucked for Matt - being the 13th car and no partner- got left hung out to dry in the last 20 laps.

the drivers speak out - Harvick was trying to rip some wires out from under the dash...

Daytona International Speedway Introduced To Two-Car Drafts; Drivers React

It was a completely new form of racing that no one in NASCAR had ever seen before. But what did the drivers think of it?

Ryan Newman, who finished third, said called it "the most unexpected race I've ever been a part of."

"My spotter was driving for me as if I was the car in front of me when I was behind somebody pushing," Newman said. "You're at the mercy of his perception of car lengths and speed."

Drivers said that as the "pusher" car, they couldn't see over the spoiler of the car in front of them. And the leading car was basically being driven by the pusher – Newman even said he had no control as Jeff Gordon pushed him straight through a wreck.

Kevin Harvick, a pusher late in the race, was running his car so wide-open that he kept hitting the rev-limiter and was unable to stay tucked up underneath Gordon.

So Harvick told his spotter to go stand next to Gordon's spotter, Jeff Dickerson, and tap Dickerson on the shoulder whenever Harvick needed to relay a message to Gordon.

"Check up! Check up!" Harvick would say, and Gordon would get on the brakes.

Harvick's crew gave him the green light to pull the wires out of the rev-limiter, but he couldn't quite reach it.

"I would have (deactivated it), I will promise you that," he said.
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