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Originally Posted by steelerohio View Post
Anyone think the Steelers will trade up to be able to get Pouncey? What will we lose in the process?
I don't think we'd have to, at least not a lot. Mike is not as good as Maurkice is from a technical point of view, doesn't have as good feet or technique, and is a bit softer. Still, he's a fantastic guard, and there's absolutely no reason for us not to get him.

1. I don't expect Pouncey to be there in the first round I would take Jimmy Smith
2. I don't really like Ras-I-Dowling. Someone on the O-Line here
3. I think Chimidi Chekwa is a better CB but I see them getting a FS here
4. Excellent Pick
5. Depends who's OC, but if it's Arians then there is no need for a FB
6. I think we have a solid running group
7. Good pick, but I think he'll go in the 6th
1. I think it's the other way around, Jimmy Smith will probably be gone, he's climbing boards really quickly, many have him #3 already. Mike Pouncey, however, is not. Many people have him behind TCU's Marcus Cannon, some have him behind Baylor's Danny Watkins too.
2. Dowling would be a fantastic safety for us, great ball skills, great tackling, and great size. But I accept your opinion and respect it.
3. Understood.
4. I agree :)
5. I think that, even if we keep Arians, a FB would still be a good addition. He did use a FB far more this season that he used to. In fact, during the regular season, we used a FB in almost one third of our plays. I think this warrants a good FB, and Marecic is just that.
6. Devine would be a change of pace back, something we don't have but could definitely use. Think about Woodhead for the Patriots and what he does for them. Not necessarily a between-the-tackles runner, but still a valuable asset.
7. Could go earlier. I just think teams will be kind of scared due to his injury.
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