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Default Re: Steelers' Ike Taylor ready to cash in?

Assuming the Steelers put the franchise tag on Woodley, this observatioin from Peter King in his MMQB column today explains why any new deal for Ike Taylor, in Pittsburgh or somewhere else, may not happen for some time

I think it's fruitless to talk, write and theorize about what teams are going to do in free agency when there's a very good chance there won't be free agency. Folks, this labor fight is going to be a long one. I believe it'll be Labor Day, at least, before a solution is found. Given that scenario, how can the league possibly say: We're playing real games in 21 days, and so you 495 free agents, go spend the next week flying from team to team, finding a home, and sure, you'll be ready to play two weeks after you sign with your new team in a new scheme. Surrrrre.
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