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Default Re: What's next for the Steelers?

Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
I see a lot of posts like this. I was under the impression that LeBeau is working with what he was given (playing to the strengths of his people). Not sure what we expect him to do that he hasn't already tried. It doesn't help that BMac was playing injured and their roster contains only so many quality CBs therefore, required adjustments in coverage schemes. Was it the Patriots or the Saints game that LeBeau called coverage schemes and the Steelers got torched? He basically said he would never do that to his players again. You have to play the game you are good at.

Also, I wouldn't expect to see anyone drafted this year to be the solution in next year's season. We have to hope that Butler and someone else already on the roster will step it up and become a playmaker for the team. Getting a Revis isn't going to be in the cards at the 31st spot of the draft and trying to trade up far enough to get an immediate starter will require a huge sacrifice (something Colbert doesn't do very often).

All fair points and I understand what you're saying.

But what I'm getting at is not a quick fix kind of thing but rather long term neglect.

Let's face it, we haven't had a really solid secondary in a long time and part of that was because we didn't need one since only a couple of teams ran a really good West Coast style. But these days many teams are adopting West Coast offenses in various forms and it's certainly no coincidence that those are the teams against which we have the most problems.

I've seen this as a trend in the last few years and I guess I'm just surprised that LeBeau / Colbert / "The Team" hasn't and now I think it's coming back to haunt us. The image of the Steelers has always centered on linebackers and that may make for great visuals or tough-guy images but the realities of modern football are drifting away from the battle in the trenches to speed in coverage and I think we need to address that.

It seems that every draft we add more linebackers and we tend to look at DB's as an afterthought and I'm just suggesting that we need to change that viewpoint and recognize that our secondary is our weakest link and has been for a while.
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