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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
Heh as Yogi Berra said, it's deja vu all over again. Like you guys and the Bears, we also lost a close one to the Ravens early in the season. We played them again in Baltimore with Ben starting and we beat them. And the Ravens still made excuses. IF you want to see a whiner of a head coach, I suggest you look at Harbaugh of the Ravens, the man never accepts responsibility after a defeat, only throws out crap like "we gave it away." and then like you guys and the Bears, we met again the playoffs and beat them. I chalk it up to jealously over you guys having more success historically than the Bears. It's the same thing with Ravens fans and us really except the Bears have more history than the Ravens do obvously.

Nonsense. I'm a Raven fan. I haven't posted on this board since the Steelers lost because I'm not one to gloat when the Steelers lose. I haven't seen any other Ravens fans gloating or rubbing salt in the wound either.

I think most Ravens fans handle both defeat and victory quite well. Baltimore is a class city and as a general rule our fans are gracious in both defeat and victory. Same with our coach. John Harbaugh is a class act.

From reading this board during the last week, I see a lot of fans who can't seem to believe their team lost and certainly are not taking the defeat very well. It's not that different from what I read on the Ravens board after the Ravens lost. It is difficult to lose a Super Bowl, I actually think it is harder on Steeler fans to lose the Super Bowl than it was on Ravens fans to lose in the playoffs.

But let's not pretend that Ravens fans have some kind of inferiority complex and can't take losing. If that were the case M+T wouldn't be sold out year after year, whether we lose in the playoffs, don't make the playoffs, or win the Super Bowl. Baltimore is a good sports city, one of the best in the USA and Ravens fans are some of the best.
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