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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Oh, shut the mouth, jr. Don't talk as if the Ravens are some sort of model franchise that every team thrives to be and talk even BIGGER from your piss-poor fanbase when it comes to us.

Calling your head coach a thing of class wants to make me puke. The dude fits your team and their bill well. Punks to the highest degree & scumbags that take their hatred for anything Steelers to a higher level and we love it.

Being the genius you are, if you ever look around other forums after any type of loss, including your own, it's a mad uproar of who should be cut, fired or released! If you haven't noticed, yes, all Steelers fans took the loss hard to a certain extent, as would any other fanbase, but you fail to realize the great sportmanship and RESPECT we all shoved to Green Bay's side of things. You can even pick out many "if we would lose, it would be to the Packers because we respect them so much" quotes from many Steelers fans.

However, I didn't expect you to pick up those kinds of posts judging by the lack of CLASS you and the rest of you Baltimoron partners operate. Just remember you go into the draft to try to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, not the other way around!
It's true some Ravens fans are too concerned about the Steelers. However I
I recall after we lost to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game 3 years ago there were some Steeler fans who went to the Ravens forum to gloat immediately after the game. I didn't think that was right. Some Steeler fans are obsessed about beating the Ravens too.

Yeah we want to get over that hill and beat the Steelers that is natural, we don't want to be the Houston Oilers of the 70's, always coming close but never beating the Steelers in the playoffs.. Just as the Packers don't want to lose to the Bears.

I think it's worse to lose the Super Bowl than to lose in the playoffs.
My most painful memories as a Baltimore fan are the losses when the team was on the verge of winning the World Championship. The '69 Orioles losing to the Mets. The '69 Colts losing to the Jets.
The "71 and '79 Orioles losing to the Pirates.

For a fan there is nothing worse than having to dwell on losing the marquee event of his teams sport with the whole world watching. Losing in the playoffs is bad too, but at least you can relax during the Super Bowl and you get a higher draft choice too.
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