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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by SH-Rock View Post
So your going to label Ben by his performance of his 2 minute offense in Super Bowl 45. Well we can label Ben by his 2 minute offense in Super Bowl 43 and he's the greatest QB ever. We can label Manning by his interception hump this year, so does that mean he is Jay Cutler. We can have Flacco labelled by his performance against the Bengals this year with 4 picks, does that mean he's a bust?

A single performance means nothing. It's true Flacco has grown a lot this year, but your pushing it if your saying better than Ben.
Of course Ben has the better history and two Super Bowl rings. But Flacco progressed this year, Ben was already at his peak.

I'm not labeling Ben due to the Super Bowl, but the fact is he didn't get the job done with two minutes to go.
I'm saying Flacco and Ben were very close in their QB ratings this year, and I think Flacco could have likely done somthing against a depleted Green Bay defense with two minutes to go.
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