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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
Nonsense. I'm a Raven fan. I haven't posted on this board since the Steelers lost because I'm not one to gloat when the Steelers lose. I haven't seen any other Ravens fans gloating or rubbing salt in the wound either.

I think most Ravens fans handle both defeat and victory quite well. Baltimore is a class city and as a general rule our fans are gracious in both defeat and victory. Same with our coach. John Harbaugh is a class act.

From reading this board during the last week, I see a lot of fans who can't seem to believe their team lost and certainly are not taking the defeat very well. It's not that different from what I read on the Ravens board after the Ravens lost. It is difficult to lose a Super Bowl, I actually think it is harder on Steeler fans to lose the Super Bowl than it was on Ravens fans to lose in the playoffs.

But let's not pretend that Ravens fans have some kind of inferiority complex and can't take losing. If that were the case M+T wouldn't be sold out year after year, whether we lose in the playoffs, don't make the playoffs, or win the Super Bowl. Baltimore is a good sports city, one of the best in the USA and Ravens fans are some of the best.

Welcome back - i guess your ban expired - at last something to cheer me up

I agree Baltimore handles rooting for a chronically underachieving team admirably - we will agree to disagree on Mr. Harbaugh being a class act..

A serious question - given that Joe Flacco had "some problems" in the 2 most recent losses to the Steelers (that makes it 0-6 against Roethlisberger) and your vigorous support for Mr. Flacco on this board prior to his season turning turnover in the loss in Baltimore, would be interested in your view on this analysis by Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun

The Ravens should have an open competition between Bulger and Flacco at training camp. Clearly at this time, Bulger is the better quarterback even though the Ravens would be embarrassed to admit it. After three years, Flacco still hasn't proven he is the answer at quarterback. Bulger gives the Ravens another option, and the competition might bring out the best in Flacco. There are certain snap shots of things Flacco did this season which makes you wonder if he'll ever be a top-notch quarterback.
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