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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
I think most Ravens fans handle both defeat and victory quite well. Baltimore is a class city and as a general rule our fans are gracious in both defeat and victory. Same with our coach. John Harbaugh is a class act.
Gracious in defeat and victory. That's a good one.

All you've ever done here is make excuses and refer to a week 4 victory as some kind of shining moment for your franchise. That's what you consider gracious? In the words of Inigo Montoya... "I do not think that word means what you think it means."

From reading this board during the last week, I see a lot of fans who can't seem to believe their team lost and certainly are not taking the defeat very well. It's not that different from what I read on the Ravens board after the Ravens lost. It is difficult to lose a Super Bowl, I actually think it is harder on Steeler fans to lose the Super Bowl than it was on Ravens fans to lose in the playoffs.
Really? Then you need to get your little peepers checked again. The majority have taken the loss very well. Yes, a few random people are bitter and upset. Most were glad to have had the Steelers make it to the SB and were ok with a decent franchise like GB winning it all. I'd say every one of them (even those who are bitter) are just happy the Steelers didn't lose to the Ravens or Jets.

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
Well better than Ben's two minute offense in the Super Bowl. Some seemed to believe he would always come through in that situation which is of course impossible.
Oh that why he couldn't orchestrate a last minute drive against the Steelers WHEN IT MATTERED? I was confused there for a second. Thank you for clarifying.

I recall how Flacco led the Ravens to the winning TD in Pittsburgh this year in the regular season in the waning seconds of that game. And I cannot help but think he would have fared better in the Super Bowl. Give Joe Flacco the ball with two minutes to go against a defense that his depleted due to injury and I think he at least gets it down close and has some shots at the end zone.
You don't KNOW. And I knew it wouldn't be long before you brought up the week 4 game that Flacco managed to win. Too bad for you that has nothing to do with anything.

Flacco grew a lot this year and with the win in Heinz Field he achieved a status which he has never had before. I'm looking forward to next year.
What status is that? That he can only beat the Steelers when they have a backup QB on the field?

I think it's worse to lose the Super Bowl than to lose in the playoffs.
My most painful memories as a Baltimore fan are the losses when the team was on the verge of winning the World Championship. The '69 Orioles losing to the Mets. The '69 Colts losing to the Jets.
The "71 and '79 Orioles losing to the Pirates.
Of course, an early exit in the playoffs is ALWAYS better. You're freaking delusional and bitter.

For a fan there is nothing worse than having to dwell on losing the marquee event of his teams sport with the whole world watching. Losing in the playoffs is bad too, but at least you can relax during the Super Bowl and you get a higher draft choice too.
No, for a fan there is nothing worse than watching your team be another teams bitch WHEN IT MATTERS year after year. Whatever helps you sleep at night though.

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
Of course Ben has the better history and two Super Bowl rings. But Flacco progressed this year, Ben was already at his peak.
You say that like his career is over. How do you know he's hit his peak? How do you know Flacco didn't hit his peak this year? You say the silliest things from the most bitter place sometimes. It's amusing.

I'm not labeling Ben due to the Super Bowl, but the fact is he didn't get the job done with two minutes to go.
I'm saying Flacco and Ben were very close in their QB ratings this year, and I think Flacco could have likely done somthing against a depleted Green Bay defense with two minutes to go.
Well, he didn't get that chance now did he. In the end it doesn't mean shit whether you think he would have won or not, because neither he nor his team were good enough to get there. Period.
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