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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
HAHAHAHAHAHA I remember that occurring. We won the f*cking Super Bowl and Bunghole fans gloated about how better they were and how they had our number and how they were the new cream of the crop because they won the division!

AFC NORTH > Super Bowl. That's the mentality of a fanbase that's NEVER won. Sad really.

When you're the Bengals, winning the division may as well be winning the Super Bowl.

For Baltimore, beating Pittsburgh is winning the Super Bowl.

For Cleveland. . . well, every time they win it's gotta be like winning the Super Bowl.

edit: And Bobby Jr. is delusional. Like usual.

I like how with Ravens fans it's always the same; "Yeah, you beat us literally every time it counts, but next year will somehow be different!"

Andddd the Flacco to Roethlisberger comparisons. . . .lol. . . . Flacco clearly didn't want to even see the field the second half of the divisional round. He had his jacket on, his helmet on, his head down. . . he wasn't even listening to the coaches. A winner doesn't do that. A winner is on the sidelines looking over film or staying loose. Flacco is not, and probably will never be a winner.

"Flacco would've beaten the Packers". . . lol k. . . because he's so proven to win close games that matter.

Flacco's playoff stats:

53% completion, 4 TD's, 4 INT's, QB rating of 60.

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