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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

Originally Posted by SH-Rock View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if Flacco did have a game winning touchdown with 2 minutes to go. But I would be surprised if the Ravens caught up from an 18 point deficit.
The kid arguing against Ben being clutch is asinine, and shows his blind bias.

Ben is 10th all time in 4th quarter comebacks. ALL TIME. He's not clutch according to Bobby, though.

And through the first 7 years of his career? Ben is 1st. That means through 7, he's had more than Brady, Manning, Marino, Elway did through their first 7.

Word though, give me Flacco. . . a guy who's never beaten Ben, (what. . . 0-7 now?) and a guy who wants no part of the ball when the game is on the line in a big game.
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