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Default Re: A question for Steeler fans

The idea that Preston had of replacing Flacco with Bulger is ridiculous. Flacco is 7 years younger and his QB rating has progressed to the 90's in his 3 years. Bulgers' QB rating regressed to the 70's his last 3 years as a starter. Bulger is a good backup but that is all.

As for Ben always winning against Flacco, again that is deceiving It is not like Ben has always played well or dominated in those games they were almost all close. And one game was highly controversal with the Steelers getting a last minute TD on a questionable TD awarded by the refs.

We've seen in the Super Bowl that past performance does not guarantee future results. Ben had never lost a Super Bowl or failed in a 2 minute offense with the game on the line in the Super Bowl until this year. Flacco was successful in leading

his team from behind to victory in the Heinz field regular season game this year. You can say Ben wasn't on the field but the Steelers scored more points at home against the Ravens than they did with Ben playing in Baltimore in the two regular season games. Also Ben wasn't playing defense, the Steelers had the lead and Joe Flacco led the Ravens to the winning TD in the closing seconds of that game.
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